Bid Docs/Engineer/Public Works/Utility Services

The City of Chisholm provides for a joint City Engineer/Public Works & Utilities department for the purposes of sharing resources and assets. The city operates the utilities under the umbrella of "Chisholm Public Utilities". The department is directed by a civil engineer who is a licensed professional engineer.

Engineer/Public Works Admin.
    James Johnson       (218) 254-7907      (218) 254-7955

Service responsibilities include: streets/roads; parks, recreation/ball fields, skating rinks; culture/recreation of the Chisholm Ice Arena & Chisholm Curling Club; city buildings and city facilities; utilities of water, sanitary sewer, sanitation/recycling, and storm drainage for the community and surrounding areas.

The department is also involved with various community based functions beyond the regular city responsibilities for special events and activities related to tourism.

The department works closely with consulting engineers as required for municipal capital projects.

The Chisholm City Council is also working closely with the Chisholm Public Utilities and "consulting engineers" to plan for the next ten years in infrastructure improvements.


On the left side of this screen just below, "Your City Engineer" on the, "Sewer Lateral Ordinance", your guidelines, and the cities price for video recording the line. 

*See handouts and bidding documents in the list below.  Contact the City Engineer Jim Johnson at (218) 254-7907 and/or Building Official for details on permits.