June Field Trip Calendar
July Field Trip Calendar

Chisholm Summer Recreation Program (CSRP)


The Chisholm Summer Recreation Program (CSRP) provides a variety of social and recreational activities for youth in Chisholm and the surrounding communities. CSRP was established in 1914 (formally as Summer Playground Program) to give Chisholm area youth a unique opportunity to participate in fun, physical, adventurous, and creative activities for several weeks in the summer, guided by older teens and adults. The Chisholm Curling Club is the home base for CSRP. Youth entering grades 2 and up are eligible to participate in M-TH programming beginning in the middle of June for 7 weeks. CSRP is open from 9AM to 4PM and offers field trips, recreational activities, and crafts. A point system is incorporated into the program to encourage attendance and participation. Participants with the highest points are eligible to attend an incentive field trip the last week of program. Families must provide their own packed lunches daily.


Participants are able to attend multiple field trips (typically 1-2 per week) at no added cost outside of bringing spending money when appropriate. Bussing is provided by ISD 695. Packing a lunch is important on field trip days in case youth need their lunches with them to eat during the trip.

Field trips typically leave sometime in the morning after 9:30 and return before 3:30PM. 

Examples of past field trips: Paulucci Space Theater, Hibbing Splash Pad and Playgrounds, Mini Golf, Hiking at Redhead MTB Park, Olcott Park, Archery, Bowling, Mineview, etc. 


Participants are able to earn daily points by engaging in the scheduled activities: games, crafts, field trips, etc. Scores increase for youth on winning teams in sports activities, but participation alone will score enough points to attend the field trip at the end of the program. Participants can even earn points for signing up for the Summer Reading Program at Chisholm Public Library and reading at program. The final field trip (usually takes place on Thursday of the final week of program) celebrates the wrap up of a fun, busy summer of activities. Examples of past final field trips: The Edge Waterpark, Trampoline Park (Duluth), State Parks, etc. 


Participants are offered a lot of flexibility and choice in this program; after all, it's their summer break which in some ways is a break from the structure of a scheduled school day. Participants get to decide which activities they want to sign up for. Each hour throughout the day offers signs ups for programming such as bunker ball, bracelet making, volleyball, lawn games, gaga ball, etc. Participants can choose activities based on which Recreation Specialist is leading them, which activity they like the best, etc. There's even flexibility to just chill out and read a book or play board games with a friend if an organized activity isn't interesting in the moment. Field trips are also by choice and require sign up. Participation points cannot be earned unless kids join in on the scheduled activities, though.

The daily schedule also allows for freedom. Participants entering grades 4 and up are allowed to "sign out" to go to the local convenience store or home for lunch if in walking distance. Participants are only allowed to sign out/in twice in a day. Participants entering grades 2 & 3 are chaperoned by a Recreation Specialist if they wish to go to the convenience store. If a parent/guardian does not want their child(ren) to sign out to go to the store or home, that agreement/expectation must be made with them. 

Chisholm now has a Splash Pad! Thanks to the work of the Chisholm Kiwanis Club, the Splash Pad will be a weekly opportunity for participants. The Splash Pad will be incorporated into the daily schedules, and be made available (weather depending) at least two days/week. Caregivers are encouraged to pack a swimsuit and towel daily along with a participant's lunch, in case they wish to sign up for the Splash Pad as an activity. 

Our grade requirements are in place because of the flexibility and freedom built into our program. 


Participants are invited to get creative during the CSRP program. Youth learn many different crafting options such as lanyard braiding, beading, painting, etc. and are able to participate in these crafts daily during free time. CSRP sometimes brings in local artists to lead guided crafts with youth.


Registration for CSRP opens every Spring in early to mid April. The 2024 season "Early Bird" registration fee is $75 for the entire 7-week season if registered by June 7th. The fee increases to $85 for the entire season after June 7th. Day passes are available for $15/day. Checks can be made to the City of Chisholm, note CSRP Day Registration. New in 2024: online registration and payment. Online registration is the preferred method but a paper registration can be made available upon request. Contact Bridgit Maruska directly to complete registration and payment in person if online registration is not desired. Once the program has started, online registration is required.

2024 Schedule

CSRP Staff Training Week: June 10 - 14

Week 1: June 17 - 20 (M, T, TH) closed on June 19th for Juneteenth Federal Holiday

Week 2: June 24 - 27 (M-TH)

Week 3: July 1 - 3 (M, T, W) closed on July 4th for Fourth of July Federal Holiday

Week 4: July 8 - 11 (M-TH)

Week 5: July 15 - 18 (M-TH)

Week 6: July 22 - 25 (M-TH)

Week 7: July 29 - July 31 (M, T, W) closes early at 1PM on Wed, last day party

Final Field Trip (for participants earning enough points): Thursday, Aug 1


1. CSRP Registration / Release of Liability Waiver and paid fees must be completed before participating.

2. Participants must sign in or out daily when entering or leaving the CSRP and include their destination. Each participant must be able to perform this task. Participants are limited to signing in and out two times a day.

3. All youth participating in field trips must be permitted to ride the bus by parents/guardians.

4. Participants must leave the program each day by 4:00 pm. If an emergency arises and parents/guardians are unable to pick-up a child by 4:00 pm, please contact the Coordinators on duty. Phone number will be provided the first day and week of program.

5. Any participant damaging any property or equipment is responsible for its repairs or replacement.

6. Participants are required to wear gym shoes.

7. No gum is allowed for safety reasons.

8. CSRP is not responsible for any lost, broken or stolen property.

9. There is zero tolerance for smoking, use of alcohol, drugs or weapons. Participants engaging in any high level unsafe or threatening behavior will be removed from program. 

10. Coordinators and/or Director will discuss all higher level disciplinary behaviors with parents/guardians. CSRP functions best when parents/guardians are involved with correcting behaviors and enforcing program policies at home. Learning opportunities will be provided to correct unsatisfactory behaviors that simply needs redirection. Behaviors that require repeated redirection or discipline may result in participant being removed from the program.


Participants can be dropped off at the Chisholm Curling Club at 9:00AM. Participants are allowed to check in at 9AM sharp. If participants are dropped off or arrive prior to 9AM, they can wait in line outside the Curling Club. Program polices state pick up required by 4PM daily.


  • Full water bottle
  • Lunch (no refrigerator, so send ice pack for cold items) Please Note: Meet Up and Chow Down (free lunch from the United Way is made available at Kiwanis Park and participants have the option to sign up to walk to the park for lunch with a staff member, daily!)
  • Sunscreen for a reapply (please apply in morning before arrival)
  • Hat or eyewear for sun protection 
  • Read schedule re. field trips, some require swimwear and towel 


Parents/guardians are required to digitally submit to consent and release of liability upon registration which includes information about policies, permission to administer medical treatment, photo use release, and more. (Please contact Bridgit Maruska directly if you do not wish to have your child photographed for promotional purposes.) 


"Just want to thank everyone for making Carmen's first year an amazing experience for her! Thank you so much!!! She already is looking forward to next summer. ❤ Thank you to all the staff and workers making it fun for her and all the hard work they all did!" -Jaime

"I’ll keep my eye out for registration information because the two boys definitely want to go!" -Caroline 

"This is an amazing program for our kids! Keep up the great work!" -Kristin S. 


The City of Chisholm offers scholarships for families who may need a little financial help in getting their kids to program. The City of Chisholm makes every effort in providing access to CSRP for all youth. See scholarship guidelines and application below for more information.


Direct line to Curling Club
Summer Rec Coordinators: Katrina Sertich & Olivia Hutchings 
Cell Phone: 218-966-3348
Department Director
Bridgit Maruska
Office Phone: 218-254-7909



Online Registration NOW OPEN for 2024