Board and Commission Functions

Police Commission

The Police Commission shall have absolute control and supervision over the employment, promotion, discharge, and suspension of all officers and employees of the Police Department. It shall be the duty of the Commissioners to study and adopt practices and policies consistent with the Charter and the provisions of the laws of the State of Minnesota, as will preserve order, promote the observance of law and protect life and property.

Public Utilities Commission

The Public Utilities Commission shall be responsible for the overall operations and oversight of the Public Utilities Department. Duties will include human resources for the effective recommendation of appointments, promotions, disciplinary action, suspension, demotions or the removal of all personnel assigned to the Public Utilities Department (water, wastewater, refuse, recycling, and storm drainage) along with the City Council who shall be required to take the final Action.

Economic Development Authority (EDA)

The Economic Development Authority of the City of Chisholm (the “Authority”) is a public body politic and corporate and a political subdivision of the State of Minnesota. The primary purpose of the Authority is to serve as an Economic Development Authority pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, Sections 469.090 to 469.108 (the “ Statute”). The Authority shall be governed by all requirements of the Statute and the Enabling Resolution (the “Resolution”) as first adopted by the Chisholm City council.

Library Board

This organization shall be called “Board of Trustees” of the Chisholm Public Library. The Library Trustees provide advisory counsel to the City Council and library staff related to the Chisholm Public Library and its services. It is understood that the Board of Trustees serve in a “functional authority” capacity. All “line and staff authority” is reserved to the City council, city administrative and library staff.

Planning and Zoning Commission

The function of the commission shall be the review of subdivision plats, conditional use permits, rezoning and proposals or projects by other public or private bodies as well as to deal with comprehensive community planning, capital improvements programming and similar long-range activities.

Parks and Recreation Board

The Recreation Board shall provide “advisory” oversight for the operations and activities of the City’s Recreation Department; its buildings, playgrounds and other recreational facilities. It is the duty of the Recreation Board to advise on operations and capital improvements of the Recreation Department to the City council and/or their designated representative(s). The Recreation Board may advise on the employment activities of the department as may be required from time to time with all final decisions resting with the City council and/or their designated representatives.