Redhead MTB Park 2024 RFP Trail Work

The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to evaluate and select qualified natural surface trail building contractors (i.e., Builders or Contractors) to build and refurbish trails of various types and levels of difficulty. This RFP is for Phase 1 of the proposed 2024 Redhead project. Additional RFPs may be issued in the future for additional Phases of the overall Redhead project plan. 

The City of Chisholm, Minnesota is seeking proposals from qualified interested parties (Trail Builders) to provide construction services for the Redhead MTB Park which consists of a current system of 25 trail miles and one trailhead. The City of Chisholm plans to extend or refurbish up to 12 additional miles in 2024-2025. The project is located in Chisholm, Minnesota at 1005 Discovery Drive.


All documents for bidding are listed on the bottom of this page:  

Paper copies can be purchased at Chisholm City Hall for $25.00.

RFP deadline updated to May 3, 2024.

Questions? Please call:

Bridgit Maruska 218-969-6408

Parks, Trails & Recreation Director