Chisholm Public Library

 The Chisholm Public Library adds value to our community by providing engaging programs and an information and technology center where people of all ages find enjoyment, connect to the online world, and children begin a lifetime of reading and learning.


Library - Chisholm, MN

Library Hours

Monday-Thursday 9:00am-5:00pm

Friday 9:00am-12:00pm

Curbside Pickup Available Upon Request

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for updates and online resources 
Wi-Fi is available for personal devices inside and outside the building.

LIBRARY BOARD - 5 members


APRIL FOUNTAIN                2019 – FEB. 2025                 ANNUAL APPOINTMENT

120 4th AVE NE-----------------------------------------


JESSICA MARTIN                 2022 – FEB. 2025                 THREE YEAR TERM                            

5796 Long Lake Rd-------------------------------------


JOHN PALCICH                    2021 – FEB. 2025                  TWO YEAR TERM

419 3rd ST SW------------------------------------------


BRITNEY HAGSTEN             2022 – FEB. 2025                  THREE YEAR TERM

511 3rd ST SW------------------------------------------


BRITTANY GRINDE-LARSON        2024 – FEB. 2026                   TWO YEAR TERM

618 E Lake Drive-----------------------------------------


STAFF CONTACT: Katie Christenson, Library Supervisor