Chisholm water tower

Chisholm Public Utilities/ Commission

Chisholm Public Works 

Supervisor Larry Folstad

Phone: (218) 254-7920

Cell: (218) 969-5538


Chisholm Public Utilities

Public Utility Clerk Denise Kealy 

Phone: (218) 254-7905   



The Public Utilities Commission meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 9:00 am at Chisholm City Hall. If you would like to get more information on meetings or your water bill, please call 254-7905.


Facts on Water

They say: Water Costs Money. Don't waste it!  Well read the following bit of information and you will know too!

A continuous leak from a hole this size would, over a 3 month period, waste water in the amounts shown:  Based upon 70psi.

1/4" Diameter stream wastes 1,181,500 gals.
3/16" Diameter stream wastes 666,000 gals.
1/8" Diameter stream wastes 296,000 gals.
1/16" Diameter stream wastes 74,000 gals.

- Before you get your next water bill, check the handout "Water Meter Guide" in the list below.