Splash Pad Rules

Kiwanis Splash Pad

Chisholm Kiwanis Splash Pad   est. 2023



The Kiwanis Splash Pad is open Memorial Day - Labor Day (weather dependent) 

The Splash Pad opens annually when temps remain above 70° (highs) and 50° (lows) consistently for apx. a week. 

Consider the Splash Pad closed outside of open hours and during inclement weather, including: rain, thunder, lightening, high winds, etc.


Hours of Operation: 10AM - 8PM daily 

Bathrooms: The bathrooms adjacent to the Splash Pad (Bocce Building) are open during hours of operation and locked outside of open hours.

Changing Station: The bathrooms and an exterior changing station (donated by Hug Extravaganza) are available for park users to change in and out of swimwear. 



  • Is there an age limit to use Splash Pad? 

The Splash Pad is open for all ages, adult supervision required for children 10 and under.

  • What is the water temperature? 

Cold! 50° (Don't forget a towel to assist in warming up, Splash Pad is the most fun on hot, sunny days)

  • Is there a Lost and Found? 

A small Lost and Found bucket is located between the bathrooms. The City of Chisholm is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items at the park.

  • Kids ages 11+ are sometimes unsupervised; what do I do if a child (not my own) is misbehaving or breaking the rules?

It takes a village! Please do not hesitate to redirect poor behavior. This includes other adults. If you experience behavior at the Splash Pad that negatively impacts the experience of others, please address it or call 911 so Chisholm Police can address the behavior. This park is not staffed. 

  • Are bikes or skateboards allowed on the Splash Pad?

       No. Wheeled vehicles are not allowed except for strollers, wheelchair, or walkers.

  • Are swimsuits required? 

       Many people prefer to participate in water activities in shorts and a t-shirt. This is okay.

  • Some of the Splash Pad equipment is low to the ground and easy to climb/sit on. Is this okay? 

       The more participants sit or crawl on equipment, the sooner it will become damaged.

       Please help by encouraging all kids to not climb or sit on the equipment. 



More Info:

The Chisholm Kiwanis Club wanted to bring something really cool to Chisholm for their 100th year as a club. In brainstorming a lot of options, they decided a Splash Pad would be a really fun addition for the youth and everyone in the community. In an online voting contest, Kiwanis was able to acquire enough votes to win a substantial price break on the Splash Pad equipment. Kiwanis members then went to work fundraising for the rest. Kiwanis partnered with many businesses and organizations to make the Splash Pad a reality. Check out the sign at the Splash Pad Park which lists all of the donors and helpers on the project!